Small Bathrooms – Designing Floor Plans in Accordance to Your Needs

Small Bathroom IdeasWhen your home has a small bathroom you shouldn’t be too concerned with the limited space you have in it. You can always resort to smartly designed floor plans and if this is not your thing, you can at least require the assistance of a professional designer. However, if this is a project that you want to do on your own in case you are not satisfied with how your bathroom looks like, you can always get inspired by various ideas displayed online and draw the project as you like it to be.

neolith fabricationI have done the same for the small space of my bathroom and here are some useful suggestions on how to design your own small bathroom floor plan. It is important to note that even the smallest of the bathrooms must have at least 3.80 sq meters and in this space you have enough room to furnish the bathroom with the necessary items.

If your small bathroom is long, you can organize the pieces in this way: the bath tub with shower on the left side (the door opening on the right side), at the end of the tub you can place the toilet and in its opposite side, the sink. From the sink to the bathroom door you can fill that space with cabinets. To save space in your bathroom, contractors usually use thin porcelain stoneware, called Neolith for surfaces, floor and wall cladding. Neolith fabrication can be complex but with some online research you can find professional fabricators and installers like Caayu ( For other questions, you can also visit HG Stones’ Neolith page or The Size’s website (porcelain fabricator)

If your bathroom is wide you can have the door cut in the middle, the tub and shower at the left wall taking its complete width, One the wall opposite to the entrance wall you have place to put the toilet and the sink and the wall left empty on the right you can place the cabinets.

Of course, ideas are plenty; it is enough to use your creativity in the small space of your bathroom and you will see that things will get properly organized in the way you like and need.